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Android simulator for PC
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Android simulator for testing applications in a controlled environment. Emulates up to 100 Android devices at a time along with battery consumption, GPS and accelerometers.

Genymotion is an Android simulator that lets you create virtual replicas of Android systems and run them on your Windows computer. This handy tool lets you emulate a large number of Android devices and control simulated sensors like battery, GPS, and accelerometer. Therefore, testing Android applications will be both easy and effective, as comprehensive tests can be performed on a large amount of different emulated Android devices and in many different conditions. Relevant complex tests can be built and run also thanks to the powerful command line tools provided by Genymotion. In other words, testing an app on all the main devices available on the market is very easy and affordable when using Genymotion.

Genymotion is remarkably easy to use. The intuitive and straightforward interface makes creating virtual Android devices and running them a very simple job that can be performed with ease even by beginners without any problem. Installing it is also a simple matter. It can also be integrated with Eclipse and Android Studio platforms.

I also like its versatile displaying settings: it allows testing apps on full screen, using Open GL acceleration, or even using multiple screens. The only things that bothers me a little about Genymotion is the fact that it depends on Oracle VM VirtualBox and other apps and drivers in order to properly function and do its job. Anyway, it’s a minor aspect that can be easily ignored, especially considering the many advantages that it offers.

In conclusion, Genymotion is a really handy and powerful Android device emulator that lets you simulate a large variety of virtual Android devices and offers a really effective and convenient manner of testing Android apps.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Easy to use
  • Lets you perform thorough application tests
  • Can simulate a large variety of devices


  • Requires you to install the Oracle VM VirtualBox and additional drivers
  • Requires system restart in order to properly load and emulate some types of virtual devices
  • Its developer versions are a bit pricey
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